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About Us

KIDPOWER India believes and activities are guided

by its vision- mission and objectives...


Kidpower India is a non-profit organization started in 2007 and is committed to create a safer India for children and protect their rights. Mr. Praveen Vempadapu is the Secretary and director of Kidpower India. He has a Masters in Development Studies from Institute of Social Studies, The Hague. He was trained in USA on how to conduct kid power safety workshops for children.

About Us

There are two main factors which has motivated us to start Kidpower India. Firstly, it was in the year 2007 that the Government of India has come out with its first ever child abuse report. India is home of more than 400 million children and the report states that around 50% of the children face some form of abuse, either physical, sexual or emotional. Further the report reveals a shocking fact that 53% of the children faced some form of sexual abuse and 72% of them did not respond the matter to anyone. The situation of girl child is more worrying. There is a systematic girl child neglect in many families in the country. In many families, the girl children is made to take care of the siblings or do household work and is deprived of developmental opportunities. Secondly, an invitation from Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower, San Jose to attend their child safety training workshop in USA.

Mr. Praveen Vempadapu attended the workshop and was highly impressed by the Kidpower International training methodology and strategies used to keep children safe. We felt that having Kidpower centre in India means we can bring the "people safety" skills to parents and teachers in India. We have entered into an MoU with Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International to be their centre in India. Also, India is also a country of many vulnerable children and the safety of a child cannot be ensured if we do not address the structural limitations. Hence Kidpower India works with very vulnerable children groups like orphans, street children, child labour etc. From the child abuse report 2007, it is clear that the neglect of girl child is very high in India and hence we focus on girl child education to ensure that they get equal opportunity to develop themselves.

Vision Mission Objectives



To work together to create cultures of caring, respect, safety for all children.



To teach children to learn how to stay safe, act wisely and believe in them and to work with vulnerable children and protect their rights.



  • Empowerment of children, teens and adults against all forms of exploitation or abuse by enhancing their skills for self-protection, getting help and advocating for others.
  • Focus on children in difficult situations through education support.
  • To take up media related activities to achieve our aim

Kidpower Social Change Model

KIDPOWER India Social Change Model contains 3 core elements: empowerment training, inclusion of children in decision-making and cooperation between stakeholders.


Empowerment Training:

Helps children see themselves as strong, valuable and capable of breaking away from unhealthy patterns.


Inclusion of children in decision-making:

Acknowledge that for child protection to take shape a need for attitude change in society is necessary


Cooperation between stakeholders:

Finally social change calls for cooperation between stakeholders:- Families/caregivers, communities, civil society and State.

Girl Education Care


Girl Education Care

Kidpower India Team Structure

Kidpower India General body meet twice every year and elects the Kidpower Governing body. All major issues are discussed and decided by the governing body. The Governing body meets 4 times a year and supports the Kidpower team. At present Praveen Vempadapu is the director of Kidpower India and is and is responsible for daily operations. He is supported by other board members. Kidpower India organization structure is as follow:

There are two managers who assist the director. Currently, Ms. Parvathi is Manasu Manager while Ms. Sobha is Education project manager. The Manasu Manager is responsible for the Manasu project. The Manasu home staff (Warden, Social worker, cooks, watchman, counsellor) report to her. Then there is the Education project manager who is responsible for Girl child education project, slum adoption project and kidpower training. The kidpower trainings are done by the manager herself along with the director. The Girl child project and slum adoption project is implemented with the support of 4 staff (1 social worker, 2 bridge school teachers and 1 tailor teacher). The accountant supports all the projects and he assists the director.


Kidpower India Board Members

Kidpower board members come from diverse background with vast experience in their sector. It ensures that they bring in their knowledge and experience from different areas. Kidpower board members are most importantly committed to Kidpower vision and to the children cause.

Murali Krishna Kotagiri


More than 15 years' experience in IT Sector. Has passions and commitment for children issues.


Botu Gopal Krishna


A qualified Chartered Accountant. Currently working in Toshiba as Accounts Manager. Advises Kidpower on financials and statutory requirements.

Vempadapu Praveen

SecretaryB.E., MBA, MA (Development)

He has a Masters in Development Studies from Institute of Social Studies, The Hague. He believes that Kidpower methods are fun and highly effective for prevention of abuse and violence. He has more than 15 years' experience in NGO Management.

Sobha Rani Perri

Joint SecretaryBA, Bed.

She has more than 10 years' experience in teaching before joining Kidpower. She worked full time at Kidpower for more than 10 years.


Raja Naresh Madhireddy

TreasurerB.Sc, MBA

He worked as a Management Consultant in esteemed organizations; KPMG, A.F. Ferguson & Co. (member firm of Deloitte).

R. Kameswari

MemberBA, Bed

She works as a teacher in college.



Kalyan Varma B

MemberBA, MBA

He works in an IT firm.