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Child Safety Trainings

As parents and adults in charge, child safety issues like bullying, sexual abuse, abduction and other violence often concern us. We can empower our children and make sure they know how to handle a situation that is a threat to their safety. Kidpower india is providing effective child protection, positive communication and personal safety skills for all ages abilities.

Child Safety Trainings

Parents and caretakers can learn the skills and practice with their children. Schools and institutions taking care of children can equip and integrate child protection and bullying prevention in their standard practices. Adult leadership is essential for child safety.


Kidpower trainings

Kidpower trainings teaches skills to help kids be safe, be confident, and have happy, strong relationships. Kidpower trainings focus on the power children have to think, move and use their voices to stay safe. Children have the opportunity to practise using this power in role-play situations. The workshops are designed to be hands-on, effective with a proven positive method.

Kidpower workshops include Every Day Safety skills from five categories: Safety with Feelings and Words (how to protect yourself from hurting words), Getting Help to be Safe (how to make safety plans and be persistent in getting help from busy adults), Safety with Touch and Teasing (how to set boundaries with people you know), Checking and Thinking first to be Safe and Being Powerful to be Safe (how to use your body to prevent most trouble before it starts). In addition to these skills we also practice physical self-defence skills to be used by children in emergency situations.

Teenpower trainings

Teenpower gives teens the knowledge and skills they need to take charge of their emotional and physical safety. Teenpower skills prepare youth for safer, more positive experiences with people as they take on more independence - online and in-person. Each training is adapted to the ages, abilities, and life situations of the students and tailored to address the group's priorities. An example is Girlpower training, where the skills and trainings are adapted to the experiences and skill requirements of young women in India.

Young people will learn to stay safe from interpersonal harm with strategies for taking charge of safety in public, at school, at work - everywhere they go, in person and online.Teenpower workshops include: Boundaries and consent skills that help people be safe (from bullying, abuse, intimate partner violence, and other harm), online safety, positive communication and effective conflict resolution, bullying prevention (including cyberbullying) and strategies to stop assault and harassment.

Child Safety Trainings


Child Safety Trainings

Adapted trainings

Kidpower makes safety accessible for people of all abilities like people with visually challenge or hearing challenge or mobility challenges or intellectual challenges. People with disabilities face a high risk of bullying, assault, harassment, and other harm at all ages.Using the Kidpower Teaching Method, people with sensory, motor, and intellectual disabilities can protect themselves from bullying, violence, and abuse - and empower themselves with self-advocacy skills.

Kidpower has a number of years' experience in training children and adults with different abilities by adapting the course. Each student is unique and adaption is core of our trainings. The focus of the trainings is to explore on the ability of the student on what can be done to protect and stay safe. Before starting a training, we build our understanding of the participants and accordingly adapt the trainings. Kidpower Positive Practice Teaching Method are fun for all children and young people, no matter of age or ability.


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