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Girl Education & Care

School education has been a right for girls in India since 2009 but only 50% of girls are enrolled in school and most of them drop out by age of 12 years.

Girl Education Care


Many parents in the slums send their children to low-cost private schools with the strong belief that education will help the children have a better future. However, in some cases, the family is unable to pay the fees and as a result, the children have to drop out of school. Usually, if the family has more children than the girl child is the first to drop.

Kidpower India is providing scholarships to 300+ girl children from a poor family situation who are vulnerable and might drop out of the school system. A fee of Rs 3000-6000 is paid and education material is provided. The school fee is paid directly to the school. Kidpower staff makes regular visits to the school and home to ensure the child is motivated to study and does not drop out of school.

Visually challenged children

We want to ensure every girl child with the visual challenge has access to braille kits and other necessary items. The braille kits are not available locally and have to be specially procured from other places. Kidpower India is supporting 150+ girl children studying in different visually challenged schools in Andhra Pradesh.

Kidpower provides Braille kit, Braille paper, sanitation kits, and uniforms to the girl children. The Kidpower team also provides very much needed counselling support to help the girl children in issues related to confidence, personal hygiene, concentration, interaction with outsiders, etc. Kidpower uses different techniques like role plays, games, quiz competition, etc. to achieve this.

Girl Education Care


Girl Education Care

Manasu Girl children home

For more than 12 years Manasu home is providing care and support to girls who are orphans or come from difficult and abusive family background. The home provides many facilities like a safe stay, education, vocational training etc. Manasu Home is located in Visakhapatnam and is the only exclusive girl care centre that provides care and supports exclusively for girls.

The centre believes that home care is the best care and tries to integrate the family back to the child. However, in cases where children could not integrate back to home because of the vulnerable or abusive situation at home or the absence of caretakers. In such situations, the home provides education and vocational training support to the girl child. The centre has the capacity to accommodate up to 45 children.


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